Please any questions you have hit the contact us tab and get in touch!

Frequently asked questions

What is my first step?

The first step is to email any questions that you have, second step is to schedule a consultation under the program tab.

Are the consultations only in person?

No, they can be for sure, but a call and a few e-mails can work just as well. No matter what once you schedule a consultation you will receive an intro package with information, questions and information on how to setup a Training Peaks account.

Where can you meet us?

It is my intention to make one of my group rides public on the calendar and will allow for you to sign up. Some will be Mountain and others will be road, the type will be posted on the calendar.

What races will we attend?

We are racing all the California Enduro series races, Thranz New Zealand, Sea Otter, Trans BC, Whiskey 50, Downieville Classic and more as the schedules become available.